Zelda Link’s Awakening Has Been Recreated In Minecraft

Crafters and Zelda fans alike can now explore the Link’s Awakening island of Koholint, thanks to a new fan-made map within Minecraft.

links awakening in minecraft
Credit: PlanetMinecraft/pickledscones

The project was first unveiled on PlanetMinecraft [via GamesRadar]. The impressive map is the work of just two people: Reddit users pickledscones and thelasteddieonearth.

“This map has been in the works for 2 years now by a team of 2 people ( + other support.)” says the description on PlanetMinecraft.

zelda minecraft
Credit: PlanetMinecraft/pickledscones

“If you’re looking for a fully functional Legend of Zelda map, you’ve absolutely come to the right place, featuring every character from the game, bosses up to and including Moldorm, fully programmed, remodelled and working. The base for the entire game is there – all that’s left to do is program in the storyline and then the map can be ready for a full release.”

The page is also host to an abundance of photos, all of which look filled to the brim with Zelda goodness. The fact that this project isn’t just a pretty map is also a game-changer, as it promises a playable storyline.

The map will even be littered with enemies and bosses, including Molodorm, the game’s antagonist.

links awakening in minecraft
Credit: PlanetMinecraft/pickledscones

While the project is still in development, the current build has working features up to and including Tail Cave. Bottle Grove will be the next segment revealed. The project also has a YouTube channel, which should have some trailers and clips as things progress.

It turns out that Minecraft is still the most-watched game on YouTube, just in case you had any doubts. The fact that the series is still thriving, while still maintaining such a dedicated fanbase, is nothing short of amazing. 

link's awkening minecraft
Credit: PlanetMinecraft/pickledscones

With the amount that this project is promising, it’s hard to not get excited. Especially if you’re a fan of building bricks and bashing Boarblins!

Fancy giving it a try? Why not head here and delve into this recreated classic. Are you excited for this Link’s Awakening x Minecraft project? We definitely are!

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Featured Image Credit: PlanetMinecraft/pickledscones