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Horizon Forbidden West Developer Teases Updates To Combat & Puzzles

A Guerrilla Games developer has teased that we might be seeing updates to combat and puzzles in the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West has been on everyone’s radar since being unveiled back in 2020. Revealed as part of the PlayStation arsenal of exclusives, it feels like we’ve heard very little about the game since.

Image from Horizon game
Credit: Guerrilla Games

However, we’ve now finally heard details on what we can likely expect from the upcoming adventure.

In a conversation with GamesRadar [via] a Guerrilla Games spokesperson provided some clarity regarding what we can expect from Forbidden West.

While Guerrilla remained pretty cryptic about the project, the developer did throw us a few tidbits of information. From the sounds of things, the studio is focusing on the strategic nature of combat.

Image from Forbidden West game
Credit: Guerrilla Games

“Part of what made the machine combat in Horizon Zero Dawn so satisfying was the puzzle-solving element in each encounter. What is this machine’s attack pattern? What are its weaknesses? Which strategies are most successful? There was the harsh reality of stumbling upon machines that you weren’t quite ready to take on,” said the developer.

“Our reveal trailer showed players they can look forward to things they’ve never seen before, but we’d like to leave it at that for now and preserve as much of that satisfaction for players to discover for themselves.”

Horizon zero dawn game
Credit: Guerrilla Games

As each encounter felt like a unique battle in Zero Dawn, it makes sense that Guerrilla Games is focused on evolving its mechanics to enrich the experience.

This means that players can likely expect to face a wide variety of mechanical wildlife, all with their own specific quirks. While vague, Guerrilla seems to be on the right path with Forbidden West. Homing in on its unique aspects rather than trying to adopt additional elements sounds like a great approach.

horizon forbidden west concept art
Credit: Guerrilla Games

That being said, Aloy is set to venture to places unknown in this highly awaited sequel. Now possessing breathing apparatus, we already know Aloy will be exploring underwater.

Being able to explore the heights of mountains and the depths of the sea will likely pose new challenges and threats, all housed within what is likely to be an extraordinary new adventure.

Are you excited for Horizon Forbidden West?

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Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games