Zombie Co-Op Dying Light 2 Is back And The E3 Footage Is Incredible

Dying Light 2 was unveiled during E3 with brand new gameplay footage and I have to say, it looks absolutely incredible.

In Dying Light 2, the choices a player makes will make a drastic impact to the post-apocalyptic society on the streets. There’s no longer a linear story to follow, but instead 100s of choices to be made that can impact the way the game plays out.

The project certainly seems very ambitious, but from the looks of the gameplay trailer, the developers working on Dying Light 2 may have absolutely nailed it. Here’s a look at everything there is to know about the game.

Same Parkour Is Back With New Elements

What made the original Dying Light so special was the way the developers managed to integrate parkour into an open world zombie RPG game.

The parkour elements will come back to Dying Light 2 and they’ll play an equally important role in navigating the city.

Parkour in Dying Light not only makes for a great way to traverse the world, but it also opens up so much potential for open world exploration. There were so many hidden easter eggs and features in the original Dying Light and we wouldn’t be surprised if more are included in Dying Light 2.

From what I saw in the Dying Light 2 gameplay footage, the parkour mechanics seem to be very similar to the original game, although there may be an expansion on what things you can jump on and off.

An example in the trailer showed the player jumping from a balcony onto a rope. They then used to rope to swing themselves towards a nearby rooftop.

The Open World Looks More Beautiful Than Before

I immediately noticed how good Dying Light 2 looked during the trailer. The first game wasn’t ugly by any means, but three years has given the team enough time to further refine the graphical quality.

With Dying Light 2 being available for both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, I’m sure that we’ll see better graphical options for those that own the higher end models.

PC users, on the other hand, will be able to turn up the graphical quality to their heart’s content, so long as their rig can handle it.

Open Ended Story System Where Choices Impact The Game World

This time around, Techland, the developers working on Dying Light 2, will deal with the story a little differently.

In the first Dying Light, you played as Crane. You were pretty much forced to do whatever your bosses told you, and it left you feeling a little pushed around. There were choices made in that story that I know I’d never personally make.

Thankfully, things like this won’t happen in Dying Light 2. This is because Techland has introduced a brand new open-ended story where the player’s choice will play an important part in shaping how the game evolves.

In Dying Light 2, there will be multiple factions that a player can choose to befriend or betray. Making certain decisions to help or fight these factions will not only change how the story progresses, but it’ll also change how the environment develops.

Dying Light 2 will feature an ever-living world that changes depending on how the story progresses. The gameplay trailer at E3 showcased it best, so make sure to watch that below after reading this.

I just want to point out again how gorgeous the open world looks. Techland has put in a lot of time and effort to create a city that has a lot of character and life to it. I cannot wait to explore it in person. I’m imagining it to be a larger, even more complex version of the Old Town in the first Dying Light.

More Of A Focus On Humans During The Day

Something that was very apparent during the E3 gameplay footage for Dying Light 2 was that there was much more of a human presence out in the streets during the day.

In the first Dying Light game, you’d see the occasional group of human enemies to fight but for the most part you’d be up against the zombies.

It seems that with Dying Light 2 being focused more so on the human versus human elements, there won’t be as much of a threat from zombies during the day.

Humans, however, will pose more of a threat and there will be encounters with humans during the day time. If you have made friends with one faction, meeting them in the streets may be beneficial, but if you’ve made enemies with them, it’ll be a different story.

Zombies Are Still A Massive Threat During The Night

Hold your running shoes, zombies aren’t going anywhere just yet. In fact, it seems like zombies will be even more of a threat in Dying Light 2, but it won’t be until the sun sets.

Dying Light also had more difficult zombies during the night time, but there was very rarely any reason to step outside when the sun was down. I’m hoping that players are rewarded more for stepping outside whilst it’s dark so that fighting against more difficult zombies actually makes sense.

Unfortunately, the trailer did very little to reveal how much of a part zombies would play in Dying Light 2. I’m sure we will hear more from Techland about it very soon, however.

Dying Light 2 E3 Gameplay Footage

YouTube video

You can watch the Dying Light 2 E3 gameplay video above. Once you have watched it, let us know what your thoughts are on the game.

So far, no release date has been set for Dying Light 2, but it will hit Xbox One, PS4, and PC once it lands.

For the meantime, we’ve got plenty more to look forward to. For example, Fallout 76 was unveiled this week.

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