Newest Fortnite Update Opens the Meteor revealing Super-Villain – Also a New Area to the Map

Yes you did read that correctly, the big meteor that was in dusty divot has now been cracked open and it shows a pod was in there this whole time. What appears to have been inside is a super-villain. There was a skin added to Fortnite recently which is a super-villain looking skin called ‘Fly trap’ and looks like this.

However it is speculated that it is actually a skin called ‘Blockbuster’. This shows a person coming out of what looks like a pod but not in the meteor in Dusty Divot but elsewhere on the map. Check it out below.

The trucks in the game have also started moving the bounce crystals towards the evil lair found on the west coast of the map. This backs up the theory of the crystals being used to ‘power’ the rocket found the lair.

This could mean big things for the West side of the map. Could we see it completely reshaped or parts of it destroyed? We will have to see.

There is also a large addition to the map in the shape of a Football stadium (Or Soccer if you are wrong). This is found North of Pleasant park. This is a great place to put something as it is a relatively empty area up there and this may help spread players out a bit.

One of the challenges for this week is to Score a goal on three different pitches. This will be utter mayhem for the first couple of days as everyone will be trying to force the ball into the goal and I am sure there will be many trying to stop people from scoring. You will find me on top one of the stands shooting down onto the pitch with whatever weapon chooses to appear up there. Either way will be a fun couple of minutes.

There are also 4 new skins being added in the form of Football players. 2 male and 2 female. This will also come along with back bling and emotes.

We will come out soon with the remainder of the challenges for this week soon so keep your eyes peeled.