10 Tips And Tricks For Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC

Need some tips for Pokemon Legends: Arceus? The latest Pokegame has rocked the lives of its fans. At time of writing, I’m nearly 200 hours into this massive adventure and I’m STILL finding out things I didn’t know I could do.

Whether you’re jumping into this game for the first time, picking it back up to experience the brand new ‘Daybreak’ content update, or even if you’re the Pokemon Master, there’s something new to discover every time you pick this game up. Especially as it’s a little bit more hands-off than other games in the franchise – finally, a Pokemon game that doesn’t walk you through every step of the way. These Pokemon Legends Arceus tips and tricks will help you be the best, like no-one ever was.

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Pokemon Legends arceus tips
Credit: Game Freak/ The Pokemon Company

And believe me, for some of those late game fights and new Daybreak challenges, you’ll definitely need it.

EVs stands for effort values, which work behind the scenes to determine your Pokemon’s stats.

It’s notoriously tricky to do, and usually involves a lot of breeding, resetting your stats with berries and buffing stats with stat-boosting items.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus has reworked that system, but has made it way more accessible. EVs are now called Effort Levels, and require grit items. To successfully max out a Pokémon that has no ELs at all, you will need 18 Grit Dust, 18 Grit Gravel, 18 Grit Pebbles, and six Grit Rocks.

Now, you can increase all your effort levels to 10, as long as you have the correct grit items. As you might imagine, they are fairly difficult to come by. You can battle, or defeat alpha Pokemon for randomised drops, but an easier way is to release your wild Pokemon at the ranch in Jubilife Village. But make sure you keep at least one of every Pokemon to complete its Pokedex entry before you release it back to the wild!


Pokemon Legends arceus tips
Credit: Game Freak/ The Pokemon Company

Have you ever been ganged up by multiple Pokemon in the wild before? If you have then you know the pain of getting attacked by 2 or more directions at once…

What the game doesn’t tell you in the beginning is that you can actually switch targets during battle… WHAT?! I know! It took me X amount of hours to realise this by accidentally discovering this trick…

The trick is that you can press the ZL button, when you press the button it switches to the other target that is also attacking you!


Pokemon Legends arceus tips
Credit: Game Freak/ The Pokemon Company

After playing Legends Arceus for a while, I’m sure you would have done plenty of research tasks during your playthrough and seen the double red arrows next to these tasks. But what do those arrows mean?

Well, I’ve found that when you complete a research task with double arrows on the left, you get bonus research points to that specific Pokemon’s research level! So make sure you complete those research tasks to grab those bonus points!


Credit: Game Freak/ The Pokemon Company

Oh, we ALL loved the gyro function in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee… Right? Right…

Switch Lite users, this also applies to you!

Yes, that’s right! Legends: Arceus has a gyroscope feature which you can turn on in the settings… The setting is under motion sensitivity, it’s right in the middle of the menu, turn up the sensitivity and it will allow you to aim your Pokeball in the wild by tilting your Switch instead of using the analog stick!


Credit: Game Freak/ The Pokemon Company

If you’re the type of player who doesn’t go through the settings in a game, then you might have missed this super helpful trick! Admittedly, I’m definitely one of those players who just gets stuck into the game and never looks through the settings so I was especially thrilled when I first found out about this neat lil trick!

You can actually toggle the hud on and off in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!
This is especially useful if you want to grab a cheeky screenshot of your Pokemon or you find a particularly beautiful view. How do you do this you might ask? It only takes two simple steps to do this! First, you need to go into your settings again and enable HUD toggling which is right beneath Autosave. By doing so gives you the option to toggle the HUD!

And all you have to do is press down the button on your left joystick, and BAM! Now you have a much cleaner screenshots that you can share with your friends or post online!

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