WWE 2K22 Image Upload And CAW Mode – How To Create Your Own Superstar

WWE 2K22 Image upload allows players to upload a selfie of themselves or another wrestler and put them in-game thanks to the in-depth CAW (Create a Wrestler) mode. It can be a little long-winded and daunting if attempting this with no prior knowledge on how to do so, so here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use WWE 2K22 Image upload and CAW mode.

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WWE 2K22 Image Upload
Credit: 2K Sports

Take A Selfie – WWE 2K22 Image Upload

Players will need a well-lit front-facing selfie of themselves or the superstar they wish to create in CAW. Make sure it’s an expressionless one, otherwise, the WWE 2K22 image upload may distort and make a CAW build look a bit crazy.

Next, players will need to do some fairly straightforward photo editing on a PC. The easiest way to do this is to download Paint.Net and the Smudge plugin, don’t worry we’ll explain later. 

First, cut out the face only. This means no ears, neck, or hair. Copy this only a new image and resize it to 512 x 512 and delete the background to reveal the chequerboard backdrop. This just means the image background is now transparent, so don’t worry about your wrestler having messed up head textures. 

Finally, use the smudge tool to stretch out the forehead and to balance out any colour indifferences, this ensures there is no discolouration when WWE 2K 22 image upload finishes and wraps the image around the wrestler model.

WWE 2K22 Image Upload
Credit: 2K Sports

Start The WWE 2K22 Image Upload

One edited, click here to go to the WWE 2K22 site to kick things off. It’s a fairly simple process, start by signing in with your 2K user account and select the platform you have WWE 2K22 on. There are quite a few different upload options, but for faces, we’ll need the 512 x 512 option.

Once uploaded, go back to WWE 2K22 and go through the following options from the main menu:

Online > Community Creations > Image Manager > Incoming

All downloaded images should show up in the ‘Local’ tab. Don’t worry if not, just re-launch the game and go through this quick process again. The same applies if the game happens to crash, it’s a known issue.

WWE 2K22 Image Upload
Credit: 2K Sports

CAW Mode

With the boring bits out of the way, let’s create a custom WWE Superstar. Navigate to the following:

Creations > Superstar > New Custom Superstar

You’ll first need to pick traits such as weight class, archetypes, and persona. Simply pick which options best fits the build or superstar in mind. To fit the custom face, navigate to the following:

Face > Face Photo > Downloaded

From here you’ll need to make sure the image matches up with the Create a Wrestler’s face. For the best results, make sure the mouth is aligned correctly first. The editor allows users to adjust facial feature positions afterwards alongside making sure the CAWs’ skin pigment matches the image.

From here it’s a simple case of making sure you have the features and attire that fits the custom WWE Superstar, have fun!


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