Pokemon Legends Arceus Hacker Finds Secret Unused Room

An unused room in Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been found by a hacker, and it seems to have some interesting implications.

One of the most surprising aspects of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is that the player character is from the future. From the trailers you would think it was just simply set in the past. But of course it couldn’t be as simple as that. Though at no point in the game do you ever see the life your player character had before they travelled in time and space.

But a recently discovered unused room points towards a potential different opening of the game. Game researcher and hacker DeepGameResearch posted the discovery recently, briefly showing a room that is clearly from modern times.

YouTube video

The room is pretty much a standard room from any Pokemon game. There’s a bed, a TV, a laptop. You can also see a Pikachu and Eevee themed Nintendo Switch. But other than that, it’s a fairly simple room. It’s unclear what the purpose of the room was actually for.

According to DeepGameResearch, it’s on a separate map rather than being out of bounds on the other maps. None of the models have any collision, and aren’t interactable. So clearly the team only went as far as modelling the room.

Credit: The Pokemon Company/ Faz Faz

Some fans have speculated that it was meant to be used in the opening of the game, before you get transported. Others are wondering if it is meant to be used in some kind of DLC. There’s no way of knowing the purposes (unless there is DLC in the works). So we’ll just have to accept it as it is for now. You can get a better look at the room in the video above. 

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Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/ Faz Faz