18 Years Later, Original Halo On PC Receives Patch To Fix Graphical Bugs

At long last, after 18 years the original Halo: Combat Evolved on PC receives a patch to fix graphical bugs and more.

Despite having a rocky release when it launched in 2014 for the Xbox One, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is an awesome hub of the best games from the beloved sci-fi shooter series.

Halo: MCC is easy to access with some visual and performance improvements to the games in the collection, which are only made even better now that it’s also available on Xbox Series S|X.

Halo: MCC is also available on PC, so surely this collection of classics is held to the same (if not better) high standard of its console counterpart, right?  Well not exactly.

As picked up by Game Rant, after 18 years Halo: Combat Evolved on PC has finally been patched to fix some of the reported graphical bugs and glitches nearly two decades later.

In a video uploaded to the YouTube channel GeneralKidd, they look at some of the improvements made via the recent patch released by current Halo developers, 343 Industries.

YouTube video

The video is insightful and highlights improvements to textures, shaders, even the wrong character models being used, and more.  

The YouTuber acknowledges that the fixes are a work in progress, and many of the issues carry over from when Gearbox handled the 2003 PC port. But at least it’s a great start and will kickstart some long overdue fixes.

The new patch for Halo: MCC for Combat Evolved won’t fire up the next time you load up the game, but is instead currently only available via the Halo Insider Program.

While that remains true for now, the patch will be released to everyone in the near future. By the time the patch leaves its beta phase, there will hopefully be even more fixes for us to appreciate.

It also seems that once Halo: Combat Evolved is fixed on PC, the devs might move on to fix issues for Halo 2, as teased by Postums of 343 Industries.

Have you been able to benefit from the recent Halo Insider patch?  If so, let us know your thoughts across our social media channels.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/343 Industries/Bungie