2K Games Lets Terminal Cancer Patient Play Borderlands 3 Early

Gamer and Borderlands fan Trevor Eastman has been gifted the opportunity to get his hands on the upcoming Borderlands 3 early thanks to a wonderful gesture from publisher, 2K Games.

Eastman, aged 27, has been diagnosed with stage four esophageal stomach and liver cancer, and is unlikely to survive until the release date of Borderlands 3, which launches in September.

Credit: Gearbox

Sharing his storyto Reddit, Eastman managed to catch the attention of 2K Games, who kindly stepped up to ensure the gamer will get the opportunity to play his most-anticipated game of the year.

“Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you all that were kind enough to upvote and tweet about my situation an update,” writes Eastman.

“One of the people from 2k has been talking to me (not sure if I’m allowed to say who so I won’t mention a name) and he’s making it happen.

Credit: Gearbox

“They’re flying somebody out at the beginning of June most likely to give me a copy of the game. I just wanted to thank you all so much for helping make this dream come true. It means the world to me that you all cared enough to do that for me.”

Well done, 2K Games for making a dream come true for this gamer!

Naturally, the internet is really impressed with the entire Borderlands team, with Twitter being flooded with appreciation for the kind gesture.

Credit: Gearbox

One user tweeted Gearbox top dog, Randy Pitchford, saying: “I heard what Gearbox is doing for Trevor Eastman and this isn’t the first time Gearbox has immortalized its community. Michael Mamaril’s story is the best thing any company has ever done for a person. I just wanted to say thank you for all you and Gearbox do.”


The community is now going one step further and is asking 2K and Gearbox to turn Eastman into an NPC in the game, allowing him to live forever as a part of his favourite franchise.

The change.org petition, which you can support here, reads: “Trevor Eastman (u/taurustrev) is a 27 year old cancer patient with only 1 year to live, and a dream of playing BL3 early.

Credit: Gearbox

“Some awesome people at 2k have allowed him to play it early, but he deserves to be a part of the game! He was diagnosed with stage 4 esophegeal, stomach and liver cancer. We want him to be a part of borderlands 3 so he is never forgotten!

“For more info about him, here’s his post on reddit.”

Let’s see if 2K and Gearbox can make this happen!

Featured Image Credit: Gearbox