607,000 People Watched Drake And Ninja Play Fortnite Destroying Twitch’s Viewer Record

Drake and Ninja have been playing Fortnite and a couple of Drakes friend came to join as well.


The famous rapper Drake joined the biggest Fortnite streamer last night to play a few games. This obviously blew up when Drake Tweeted out that he was going to play with Ninja.

He was also joined by two other big names:

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  • Travis Scott
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster

JuJu Smith Junior tweeted out this after the event.

This stream managed to reach over 600,000 viewers which is a record for the most people watching one stream. The streams for major esports events come under a different category and have been much higher than this number.

Drake said on stream that he has been playing for about a month so there is definitely


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