81-Year-Old ‘Grandpa Guardian’ Pens True Story About Destiny 2 Pals 

An 81-year-old Destiny 2 player who’s dubbed himself ‘Grandpa Guardian’ has penned a short story about the group of players who helped him to complete his first in-game raid. 

One of the party posted the gentleman’s story to Reddit, where it’s attracted a lot of love from the gaming community.  

Reddit user –PXG- posted on the r/DestinyTheGame forum with the heartwarming story. 

“Me and a group of trusted friends helped an 81 year old gentleman (FIBBOB) finish his first Destiny 2 raid,” writes –PXG- “I don’t ever do sherpa raids in D2, but I just had to for this fellow. 

“It was an absolute delight helping him. We later did Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars and even helped Fib get his Legend of Acrius as well. 

“FIBBOB is a retired comedian, writer and poet. He also loves video games, especially Destiny. With his creativity and joyous spirit, FIBBOB felt compelled to write a short story, to commemorate his very first Destiny 2 raid completion.” 

‘Grandpa Guardian,’ otherwise known as FIBBOB, penned the short story, with an excerpt making its way to the Reddit post, where you can read much more, but here’s a chunk of the tale: 

“We landed on Lavithan and all hell broke loose. The team mowed down the cabal soldiers and all the enemies who fiercely attacked us. My Vigilance pulse rifle was on full blast. The beasts of Calus army fell like wheat in a field.  

“My “wing’” was the mower that cut them down. All the others from “G team” were magnificent. I have never seen guardians work so well together. I ran with the ball through the gauntlet of lights and called out the rows…Chalice, second row !…and they would shoot the right opening to keep me running… we had to do this three times with different symbols and then we were through.

“Now we had to fight the big dogs…never have I seen such vicious alien animals. I tried to offer mine a bone I had found…he just sneered at me before my ‘perfect paradox’ shredded him.” 

Destiny fans are loving the story, with one commenting: “THIS. This right f*cking here is the reason why I keep coming back to Destiny over and over.

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“The community is amazing and always welcoming. We all remember our first raid clears and exotic missions and how it felt getting those rare drops.

“Helping others do their firsts and living in their reactions is probably just as good, if not better, than your own firsts.

“Well done G Team.”

Check out the heartwarming tale and its reactions in full over on Reddit.