A Brand New Lord Of The Rings Game Is Releasing Next Month

A brand new Lord of the Rings game has been announced and is set to release next month on September 23rd.

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is a brand new mobile game that lets players take control of Middle Earth’s armies. It’s been available in beta form for a few months, but is finally releasing fully next month.

The website now loads up with a mysterious text in line with Lord of the Rings: ‘The world is changed. Much that once was is lost for none now remember it.’

Mobile publisher NetEase Games is bringing the game to iOS and Android. You might recognise the studio as the same team that’s helping to bring the Diablo Immortal game to mobile. 

It’s certainly no Shadow of War

The gameplay of Rise of War sees players choosing between several factions on either the Fellowship or Warband side. From there, you’re tasked with building up your army to claim as much territory as possible. The maps are split up into square tiles with the player constructing all sorts of buildings and units.

This is an officially licensed game, so you’ll find familiar characters returning from the books and films. While the characters share the same likenesses as their actor counterparts, they unfortunately don’t share the same voice actors. Listening to early gameplay of Gandalf, it’s clear that the voice actor is actually a much younger person doing their best to imitate Sir Ian Mckellen.

While this new Lord of the Rings game is currently only slated for release on mobile, the developer has teased that more ambitious plans could be in the works. In a reply on Twitter, the studio clarified: ‘The game will firstly launch on mobile platforms~Stay tuned for more exciting news.’

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Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema