Animal Crossing Glitch Causes Nude Villagers To Appear

Someone might have crossed some wires somewhere, as villagers seem to be rocking up in the nude in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Happy Home Paradise DLC.

It’s probably safe to say you wouldn’t normally pair the words nude and Animal Crossing together. But a bug that’s been around since the launch of Happy Home Paradise might just mean you’ll have to.

For some reason, players have been finding their villagers hanging out in their birthday suits, but only in the cafe. You unlock the ability to make the cafe after making homes for 12 villagers.

And it seems that once you’ve finished building the cafe, the glitch starts to take effect. The resulting effect is less of a Happy Home Paradise and more of a ‘please put some clothes on this is a public building and I’m meant to be on holiday’ island.

Beforehand, the only character that would lay bare was the cool dog known as KK Slider (what’s up with that anyway?). Other than that, villagers normally wear clothes they arrive in, or they’ll wear something that you or another villager gave them.

The glitch doesn’t seem like it’s happening elsewhere, like the restaurant. And thankfully, you’re asked if you’d like to build the cafe or the restaurant. So maybe consider putting the cafe on the backburner if seeing Animal Crossing villagers in their bare necessities isn’t your cup of tea.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo / KanraWasTaken