A New 1 vs 100 Is Reportedly Coming To Xbox

According to journalist Jeff Grubb, there’s a new 1 vs 100 game coming to Xbox.

“1 vs 100 is coming back,” says Grubb. “They are definitely making that game… It seems like it’s coming from the Altspace VR team. All those avatars we saw in the Microsoft teams thing, they’re gonna use those avatars.”

If you aren’t aware, 1 vs 100 was a game show that ran on NBC from 2006 to 2008, and again in 2010 to 2011. The game features a single player, the ‘1’, competing against 100 other contestants, ‘the Mob’. The 1 would then earn prize money depending on how many Mob members they eliminated from the game. But if you get an answer wrong at any point, you’d lose everything. 

Credit: NBC

The fun part about the Xbox 360 version, was that it was hosted live with an actual host. You’d still have the same premise, but this time 10,000 Microsoft Points (roughly £85) were up for grabs, a now defunct in store currency. The hosts and players were represented by their Xbox Live Avatars, and was free to all Xbox Live gold subscribers.

Grubb noted that the new version of 1 vs 100 wouldn’t require a VR headset. Considering Xbox don’t have an official headset, it makes sense that this isn’t the case. Grubb also made a point that this isn’t new news. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, did mention in an interview in 2020 that they were working on a trivia game from the console’s past.

We don’t know how this new version of 1 vs 100 will take shape. And we don’t know what prizes will be available. So for now we’ll have to wait for an official announcement.

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Featured Image Credit: NBC