A New Medal Of Honor Game Is Coming From Respawn Entertainment

A new Medal of Honor game is on the cards and it’s being developed by none other than Respawn Entertainment, the devs behind beloved classics like Apex Legends and Titanfall.

Credit: EA

Unveiled during the Oculus Connect 6 event, the new game will be called Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, and in case you didn’t guess it, it’s an Oculus exclusive.

Check out the reveal trailer in the video below!

YouTube video

Oculus writes of the game: “Coming in 2020 from Respawn Entertainment and Oculus Studios. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond brings the historic battlefields of World War II back to the forefront for an epic AAA experience like no other.

“You’ll play as an Allied agent of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), tasked with infiltrating, outgunning, and outsmarting the Nazi war machine. As you complete your tour of duty across Europe, you’ll collaborate with the French Resistance, working to sabotage Nazi operations from behind enemy lines.

“In addition to both a full narrative campaign and multiplayer modes, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond includes a unique story gallery, letting you sit with WWII veterans and survivors to hear their stories while witnessing first-hand the events and locations that have shaped our history.”

Credit: EA

Naturally the world is pretty excited about the reveal, as it marks the first new MoH game since Medal of Honor: Warfighter which launched way back in 2012.

It might be a bit of an odd choice to revive the franchise with an Oculus exclusive title, but it’s Medal of Honor so I’m not complaining.

The game has been given a release date of 2020, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the upcoming title – and its insanely cool features – in the next few months.

Will you be playing Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond?

Featured Image Credit: EA