A Quiet Place Writers Turned Down Shot At Resident Evil

Video game movies may suck, but a new Resident Evil tackled by the writers of 2018’s A Quiet Place? Yep, that may have been a masterpiece!

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A Quiet Place is recognised as being one of the best horror movies we’ve seen in long, long time. Starring Emily Blunt and the movie’s director, John Krasinski, A Quiet Place explores what it’s like to be faced with creatures who thrive on sound (sort of like Netflix’s Bird Box but with noise, if you’ve seen or read that one).

A fantastic horror thanks to its masterful acting, directing and writing, A Quiet Place is a clear winner for writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. Though the duo might be best suited to less conventional narratives, Woods recently spoke with ComicBook about jobs they’ve turned down – including a shot at Capcom’s Resident Evil.

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Explaining to the publication why the opportunity to write a new Resident Evil movie was turned down, Woods said:

“There’s been a lot of stuff that’s crossed our desk. There’s been stuff where we’re like, ‘Oh wow, thanks for thinking of us. What an honor.’ But wasn’t the right thing,. I think the one thing that crossed our desk that we explored for a second and would be open to continuing to explore it, although I think they probably wouldn’t want to go in as outrageous of a direction as we would want to take it, I think they want to go in a more conventional direction, but Resident Evil is probably the one piece of IP that we were interested in that’s crossed our desk, just because we grew up with that first game. The first game was so cinematic and it was like the scariest thing. It almost felt scarier than any horror movie. We’d invite all of our friends over and one person would play the game. We’d all just watch as audience members and shriek anytime something scary happened.

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“We thought the zombie genre has gotten so tired. We’ve just seen every iteration of zombies you could possibly imagine. So, how do you do something new? With Resident Evil, we were like, ‘Oh, maybe you could approach it like Sam Mendes approached 1917 and just do this insane, outrageous oner in the zombie genre with Resident Evil,’ which feels organic to Resident Evil because those games feel like one big piece of movement and sustained piece of suspense. That was the one thing that we toyed with for like, five seconds. But, outside of that, the thrill for us is just creating new ideas and new worlds.”

The success of A Quiet Place spawned a sequel which was planned to release in cinemas earlier this year, but sadly skipped its wider release (thanks, 2020).

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Would you have liked to see a Resident Evil movie from the writers of A Quiet Place?

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