John Krasinski Teases Fans With A Quiet Place 3


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John Krasinski won’t be making a return as Lee Abbot in the upcoming A Quiet Place: Part II, but horror fans know he’ll be back in the director’s chair for the sequel. Now, the actor/director teases with fans with the idea of A Quiet Place 3.

Heading back to 2018, Krasinski’s sensory horror saw him star alongside real-life wife Emily Blunt. The Hollywood megastars played a pair of loving parents who tried to keep their family alive in the midst of a dystopian apocalypse.

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It was all hush-hush as A Quiet Place saw the Abbot family fight off a wave of monsters attracted to noise. Ahead of movies like Bird Box and The SilenceA Quiet Place was a pioneer for this sort of horror movie. There was no real backstory to the monsters in the first movie, but Krasinski hints this will be explored in a possible ongoing franchise.

Speaking to Total Film Magazine, Krasinski teased a few Easter eggs hiding in Part II and refused to rule out a third movie. The star told the site, “I set up a couple of tiny little Easter eggs in II that not only explain more about I, but would allow for more mythology.”

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However, it’s from a dead-cert. The 40-year-old added, “But, being a Boston Catholic, I can’t be like, ‘Yeah, of course, there’ll be a third!’ No, not at all.”


Discussing where A Quiet Place could go after the next movie, Krasinski reiterated, “The good news is that the studio and I are on the same page in that this isn’t one of those franchises where we keep pumping them out if they make money.

“I think we’ve proven that this is an original idea that is really beloved by people in a way that… I don’t want to break that promise to people.”

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The dramatic climax of the first movie saw the Abbots finally figure out how to defeat the murderous monsters, but it came at a great cost. Krasinski’s loving father sacrificed himself to save his family.

A Quiet Place: Part II is definitely grander in scale and has upped its cast with the likes of Batman Begins‘ Cillian Murphy and Guardians of the Galaxy/Captain Marvel‘s Djimon Hounsou. There’s plenty of hype surrounding Part II, making it one of 2020’s most anticipated horror movies.

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Even if the story comes to a close this year, at least Krasinski can rest assured he’s cemented himself as one of Tinseltown’s up-and-coming directors.

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