A Twitch Streamer Has Said Mario Over 450,000 Times In The Last Week

In what is probably some kind of world record, a Twitch streamer has said Mario over 450,000 times over the last few days.

Mario. We all know him, we all love him. Though, it’s unlikely anyway has said the name Mario as many times in the same timeframe as Twitch streamer Nicro. The entire stream seems something like a fever dream.

Let’s set the scene: Nicro is sitting in a dimly lit room on an armchair. He’s wearing a Mario costume. There’s a little table next to him with a keyboard that lets him count the number of times he’s said Mario. An old CRT is on the floor, playing various bits of music from the Mario series. Nicro is tied to the TV with a chain. A Fischer Price basketball hoop is in the background. There’s a maybe life-size cardboard cutout of Christmas Mario. Someone has had this nightmare.

Credit: Nicro

Every time someone subscribes, 250 Marios are added to the count. A $1 tip adds 100. A single bit adds one. At the time of writing, the timer has been running for 151 hours, or a little over six days. Nicro occasionally interjects the Marios with a Donkey Kong, or Elon Musk, or Logan Paul, for some reason. They of course don’t add to the count, so arguably it’s just time wasted. 

Look, everyone’s gotta have a hobby right? And presumably, considering at the current number of Marios he has to still say (he’s got about 200,000 to go as of writing), he’s probably made a fair bit of money from the project. Please do consider watching some of the stream, because it’s certainly something. Mario just might not be a real world once you’re done.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/ Nicro