A ‘Wu-Tang Clan RPG’ Is Reportedly In Development At Microsoft

According to a rumour, a Wu-Tang Clan RPG is reportedly in development and it’s being backed by Microsoft. Yes, seriously!

Back in 1999, a Wu-Tang Clan video game was released for the original PlayStation. In Europe it was called Wu-Tang Clan: Taste the Pain, and in the US, it was called Wu-Tang Clan: Shaolin Style.

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My memory back in the late 90s was very hazy, however, I do have some memories of playing Wu-Tang Clan: Taste the Pain. The title was a fighting game, but it wasn’t a particularly good fighting game if memory serves me correctly. That said, the Wu-Tang soundtrack was still amazing.

So, what of this new Wu-Tang Clan video game? As reported by VGC, journalist Jez Corden stated on the Xbox Two Podcast he’d heard back in July that Microsoft is backing the RPG game.

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However, Jez Corden was unable to clarify at the time as to whether the Wu-Tang RPG would be based upon the iconic hip-hop group or the martial art style. However, he did also say that the RPG will use “Wu-Tang Clan lore” and it will have a soundtrack created by the hip-hop group. So, yeah, all signs seem to point towards the game being based upon the Wu-Tang Clan.

That being said, Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat backed the claims to be correct that a Wu-Tang Clan video game is on the way in a recent video episode of “Jeff Grubbs Game Mess”.

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According to Grubb, the Wu-Tang Clan video game will be a third-person RPG, will be about a “couple of dozen hours” in length and will also feature “seasonal content”. Furthermore, the game will also be “melee combat-focused” and will be playable with up to four players co-op.

Are the rumours true?

wu tang clan taste the pain
Credit: Activision/Paradox Development

At this time there is no ETA as to when the Wu-Tang Clan RPG might release, assuming that the rumours are true. So as always, we must take all rumours with a pinch of salt until we get official confirmation.

What are your thoughts on the Wu-Tang Clan RPG rumours? Will it be a “so bad it’s good” kind of game? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Wu-Tang Clan