Phasmophobia Halloween Update Adds New Camp Site & Ghosts

Phasmophobia has received a new update and it has added a brand new map, new ghosts and much more. Just in time for Halloween!

Phasmophobia started out as a small horror indie title, before snowballing into one of the most popular indie darlings in recent years. Its growth continues to be favourable among gamers and streamers alike.

Other than being a fun ghost hunting game with friends, the developers at Kinetic Games have done a wonderful job supporting this game with free content, such as the recent Halloween offerings.

So, what is new with the Halloween update?

A highlight of the new update is the new “medium-sized” map based on a campsite. Camping near a lake, in the dark and surrounded by woods, what could go wrong? Furthermore, the Maple Lodge Campsite is said to feature unique objects with higher density and visual detail.

As a result of the visual improvements, Kinetic Games has stated that minimum specification PCs should be fine. However, some may experience a drop in framerate. In a future update, the Maple Lodge Campsite will also receive a new truck mini-map which will be more consistent with its theme.

ghost in phasmophobia
Credit: Kinetic Games

What else is new?

In addition to the new campsite, we will also be treated to some new ghosts which will have an increased chance of spawning over the Halloween event. The new ghosts include Onryo, The Twins, Obake, and Raiju.

Other improvements and changes with the Halloween updates include ghosts disrupting electronic equipment whenever they are visible. Using the walkie-talkie will now attract ghosts, the walkie-talkie will also make a static noise when a ghost is nearby. You can check out all the details on the Halloween update via the latest Phasmophobia blog post.

Are you looking forward to playing Phasmophobia with the new Halloween update? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Kinetic Games