Activision Executive Allegedly Sends Anti-Union Email To Staff

An Activision executive has apparently sent out an email to staff that contained a variety of anti-union rhetoric, in response to workers moving to organise. 

On December 9, ABetterABK launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for a strike fund. Alongside that, workers at the company have started the process of unionising by signing union cards. If the workers successfully unionise, this would be an extremely significant case for the industry at large.

Workers have recently gone on strike because of the ongoing issues at ABK. The strike fund was set up to support those workers now. As well as any future strikes that may take place.

Now, Activision executive Brian Bulatao has sent an email to staff that is anti-union in its messaging. The email was provided by ABetterABK organiser Jessica Gonzalez. The leadership of Activision Blizzard supports your right, under the the [sic] National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), to make your own decision about whether or not to join a union,” reads part of the email. However, immediately after this it encourages staff to consider the ramifications of signing a union card.

“As you make this decision for your future, we ask only that you take time to consider the consequences of your signature on the binding legal document presented to you by CWA. Once you sign that document, you will have signed over to CWA the exclusive right “to represent [you] for the purposes of collective bargaining concerning all terms and conditions of employment.” That means that your ability to negotiate all your own working conditions will be turned over to CWA, just as the document says.”

anti-union rhetoric

Language like this is designed to make workers worry that those who are negotiating for them won’t act in their best interests. It encourages the idea that tdirect communication between worker and boss is the best way forward. The email also touches on this, the email saying, “Achieving our workplace culture aspirations will best occur through active, transparent dialogue between leaders and employees that we can act upon quickly. That is the better path than simply signing an electronic form offered to you by CWA or awaiting the outcome of a legally-mandated and -regulated bargaining process sometime in the future.”

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Credit: Activision

However, collective action means that workers will be able to effectively bargain with executives. As it means that the entire group is fighting, rather than on an individual basis. Activision Blizzard has also been accused of threatening their employees and union busting in the past. The executives clearly aren’t acting in the best interests of their employees. 

This all comes as a result of ongoing issues at Activision Blizzard. The company faces a lawsuit from the state of California alleging rampant a culture of sexual harassment and unequal pay.

Featured Image Credit: Activision Blizzard