Sony Announces Official PS5 Faceplates, Coming Next Year

Sony has finally announced its own collection of custom faceplates for the PS5, and they come in an array of awesome colours.

The design of the PS5 has always been a bit marmite. Not everyone is a fan of the hulking machine, and it’s certainly not helped by the shining, brilliant white paintjob.

Now, Sony is giving players new options to customise the PS5 to their liking. Custom faceplates are coming in 2022 with five new striking colours. Announced on the official PlayStation Blog, owners can choose between Red, Purple, Black, Blue, and Pink. They’re all supposedly themed after the colours of the galaxy. See them all below!

Credit: Sony

These new faceplates should be easy to swap out for any user. The current faceplates aren’t secured by screws – they simply pop off with simple plastic latches. In theory, anybody should be able to change them with ease.

It’s about time!

We sort of expected these faceplates to be on the way since Sony hasn’t taken too kindly to other manufacturers stealing its thunder. A few months ago, dBrand had a whole debacle with Sony after it was forced to stop selling its own version called ‘Dark Plates’.

The official Sony faceplates will be available to purchase in January 2022, so we don’t have long to wait at all! Also announced today was a collection of new DualSense colours to match the faceplates. Red and Black versions were already available, but now pink, purple, and blue are joining the family. See them all in the trailer below!

YouTube video

Will you be picking up any of these custom PS5 faceplates? Let us know which colour you’re going for across our social channels!

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[Featured Image Credit: Sony]