Activision ‘Leaks Duos Mode’ For Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has suffered from leak after leak – even before it launched. We first heard about the game before the release of CoD: Modern Warfare last year, and since then we’ve been getting a steady slew of what we can expected now the game has launched.

As the third season of Warzone is underway, more leaks were expected thanks to data miners who trawl through new game files to uncover details about what’s coming to the game. However, that’s not what’s happened this time around…

Credit: Activision

The most recent leak to hit the internet comes not from a data miner or someone claiming to work for developer Infinity Ward, but direct from the publisher, Activision. Gamers were quick to notice the mention of Duos mode in some of the latest info released now Warzone is into its third season.

As the official Warzone website was updated with new details on Season 3, a teaser showed off a series of images that heavily suggest Duos is coming. Listed under the “New Modes” section of the page, an image showing quads, an image showed trios and – surprisingly – an image showed two players together, suggesting Duos is on the way.

Credit: Activision

Since being spotted, the image has been swiftly removed from the website, but of course it’s too late now. Check it out in the tweet below.

It’s not clear when exactly we can expect the new mode to go live in Warzone, but a safe bet would be sooner rather than later.

Typically, a single Season of Warzone lasts for a handful of weeks, and it’s almost definite that we’ll be getting Duos mode this Season considering the image was spotted in the most-recent marketing.

Credit: Activision

Following the launch of Season 3, Activision revealed a content roadmap detailing most of the action, but teasing plenty more to come.

Could Duos be what’s coming later in the season?

Featured Image Credit: Activision