Airline Hands Out Free Nintendo Switches To Everyone On Board

In celebration of both San Diego Comic Con 2019 and the recent release of Super Mario Maker 2, Nintendo decided to surprise a whole plane-full of travellers by giving them each a Nintendo Switch.

Passengers on a  Southwest Airlines flight headed to San Diego were surprised to see an agent wearing a Mario Maker hat and saying “there was a surprise in store.”

Credit: Nintendo

As told by Twitter user @LaurMoor, who was on the flight, a Switch was then given out to everyone on the plane.

An image of the event shows a pamphlet that reads: “Southwest Presents the Nintendo Switch System: The Perfect Travel Companion.

“Please enjoy a Nintendo Switch system and Super Mario Maker 2 game, compliments of Nintendo and Southwest.”

A Southwest Airlines rep responded to the tweet, saying: “In our best Super Mario voice, we say to you: ‘Congratulations!’ -Adrienne.”

Southwest Airlines will be appearing at SDCC this year, alongside the House of Mario in the Nintendo Gaming Lounge.

A contest will be running for attendees of the event this year, where a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 will be available for winners of a Mario Maker competition.

What a fantastic way to kick off the Comic Con celebrations, and no I’m absolutely not jealous at all…!

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/Southwest Airlines [via Twitter]