Alan Sharp Is An Impressive Indie Horror Created By Just Two Developers

If you’re a fan of mystery horror experiences, then you’ll probably want to check out Alan Sharp. However, just like a fine wine, Alan Sharp has taken some time. The result? A game that marries mystery and horror together like cheese and wine. I should probably stop talking about wine now. 

Alan Sharp 1
Credit: Mystive Studios

That’s right, despite being announced way back in 2015, Alan Sharp has only just been released on Steam. Thankfully, it looks like the episodic horror was well worth the wait, especially if you’re partial to a spooky detective drama. Here’s a back-of-the-box synopsis for the game, courtesy of its Steam page:

“Dive into a dark world by taking the role of Sam Whithers – a young detective and ex-assistant of the legendary Alan Sharp. Unfold events that happened before Alan’s arrival at the crime scene and find out the horrible truth. On the way, besides the investigation which brought him to Beggers Hole, Sam will face the demons of his past. Will his own sanity stop him from realizing the terrible truth? Or will the unholy entity consume him in the abyss before he finds out the tale of the Regan family?”

YouTube video

If you’re a horror game veteran, then Alan Sharp will probably remind you of games like Silent Hill or Amnesia. Yet, despite drawing off some of these classic horror franchises, Alan Sharp is a game that carves its own space within the genre. It’s worth mentioning that the game’s two developers, together named Mystive Studios, created Alan Sharp with zero funding. Pretty damn impressive!

Alan Sharp 2
Credit: Mystive Studios

Again, if you’re into creepy, mysterious capers, then you should probably give Alan Sharp a try. For more information and updates, check out the game’s website. Alternatively, you can also follow the game’s official Twitter account. Or check out the Steam page to play the prologue now!

Alan Sharp 3
Credit: Mystive Studios

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Featured Image Credit: Mystive Studios