Alan Wake 2 is in final stages of production

Remedy Entertainment released its first-quarter business review for 2023 and it reveals Alan Wake 2 is in the final stages of development. 

As well as news of Alan Wake, the report also mentioned the development for some of their other titles such as Control 2, Codename Condor, Codename Vanguard and the Max Payne Remake. All of which are going well and are on track. 

Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 Is In Final Stages of Production

With Alan Wake 2 only having a 2023 release date, this is good news for fans as it shows no delays are planned for the sequel. In the report, CEO Tera Virtala claims that “Alan Wake 2 is on its way to becoming a great game and has everyone excited at Remedy”.

Virtala also reveals that Remedy Entertainment “have started the last major phase of full production to get the game ready for launch later this year” and the title includes a “fully staffed” team.

News of Alan Wake 2 ends with the CEO stating that they “will be able to start scaling down the team size gradually” as the game gets closer to launch. This is good news as it will allow some of the developers to work on some of the other aforementioned titles such as Control 2. 

Screenshot from Remedy Entertainment's Control which will receive a sequel alongside Alan Wake 2
Credit: Remedy Entertainment

News of Control 2

The sequel to Control, the action-adventure game first released in 2021 is also on track according to the report. Virtala reported that “the development team focused on world building and gameplay mechanics” in the first quarter of the year. Overall, it’s looking good for the highly-anticipated follow up. 

Not to forget Max Payne 

Finally, it is good news for fans of Max Payne as the Remedy remake is in a good state. The report confirms that “the project has moved into the proof-of-concept stage” and that the “team size will expand gradually towards year-end”. 

Although the report didn’t announce any release dates for these titles, it is still good news that they are on track. Here’s hoping we get to see the Alan Wake sequel later this year.

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