Redfall Preload Times & File Sizes – Everything You Need To Know

With Redfall set to launch next month, Arkane has released the file sizes for the game across all platforms. Preloads are also live.

The upcoming vampire-slaying Redfall is set for release on May 2. For those who want to get into the action as soon as possible, you can now preload the game on Xbox and PC. Additionally, the file sizes for Xbox Series X/S and PC have also been released. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Screenshot taken from the story trailer for Redfall
Credit: Bethesda

Redfall File Sizes

Bear in mind that the following file sizes do not take into account any day-one patches that may become available. Additionally, file sizes can vary by region. 

  • Xbox Series X: 86.5GB
  • Xbox Series S: 40.38
  • PC: 103.19GB

As you can see, Redfall won’t be as big as Star Wars Jedi Survivor at a whopping 155 GB but it’s still a hefty download. Luckily, preloading the game will help you out on launch day. 

Redfall PC Requirements 

If you are unsure if your rig will be able to run Arkane’s newest title, you can check out our handy guide that features Redfall’s PC requirements and best settings. 

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YouTube video

As mentioned, the game will launch on May 2 despite a series of unfortunate delays. The first-person shooter takes place in the town of Redfall which has been overrun with vampires. Either solo or with a group of four, pick your specialist character and get to work culling the denizens. 

Redfall is available for Xbox and PC only and will not be coming to PlayStation 5. However, with the game potentially lacking a 60 FPS performance mode at launch, it remains to be seen how smooth the game will run. 

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