Alan Wake Remastered Collectibles Guide: Every Coffee Thermos Location


There are 20 Coffee Thermos locations in ‘Alan Wake Remastered Episode 3: Ransom’.

Thermos 32: On a picnic table to the right of the fallen boat.

Thermos 33: Inside Rose’s trailer on the kitchen countertop.

Thermos 34: During the police escape, found inside a lookout tower where you can look through the viewer to see the crashed helicopter.

Thermos 35: In the area with the generator hut and the massive spotlight, check for a rock that holds a thermos.

Thermos 36: Once you get to the radio station, the thermos is under a sign in the car park.

Thermos 37: After escaping from the radio station, hug the right cliff wall and use the radio tower as a landmark. There’s a path that goes uphill towards the tower. The thermos is located about halfway up.

Thermos 38: Just after the hut with all the work lights, head to the right and find a thermos inside a small shed.

Thermos 39: In the train yard where you need to open a gate by an emergency box, the thermos is on a bunch of wooden pallets to the right.

Thermos 40: Once you’ve beaten the boss fight in the train yard, open the gate and head towards the vehicle. However, before you do, check the right wall and a thermos will be tucked away in there.

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Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Thermos 41: In the daylight section now on your way to the coal mine, get to the broken bridge. Now get out of your car and head in the direction of about 1 o’ clock into the woods. The coffee thermos will be having a nice morning chilling on a comfy armchair at the edge of a cliff.

Thermos 42: Once you reach the coal mine, there’ll be a cave to your left at the entrance. The thermos is behind the mine cart.

Thermos 43: Inside the museum after dark, near the button that opens a door in the floor, the thermos is on a nearby shelf.

Thermos 44: After cutting the power, the next building you enter has a ladder you must climb. The thermos is on another creepy armchair near a window. Who is putting these armchairs everywhere?

Thermos 45: This one is just after the train yard. There’s a fork in the road where you can either go right towards Mirror Peak, or left up a hill towards a mine shaft. Turn left and go right across a wooden walkway. The thermos is at the end.

Thermos 46: At the area with several spotlights by the lake, head left into the woods and you’ll find a large cabin. The thermos is inside it.

Thermos 47: This one’s at the ghost town. Go to the second section of the town and there’ll be a large red building on the right with the thermos inside it.

Thermos 48: Behind the building where you find the key for the building at the very end of the ghost town.

Thermos 49: In the big mine where the cave-in occurs, head through the new path after the ambush and it’s in the corner on the left.

Thermos 50: Once you exit the mine, follow the narrow bridge that overlooks the lake. You’ll be ambushed by Taken on both sides. Continue the way you were going, and then make a left at the end. The thermos is along the cliff edge there.

Thermos 51: After the house where some of the floor collapses, go around the building you just left until you find a locked gate with a thermos right beside it.

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