Alan Wake Remastered Collectibles Guide: Every Coffee Thermos Location


There are 17 Coffee Thermos locations in ‘Alan Wake Remastered Episode 2: Taken’.

Thermos 15: In the NYC apartment, right next to Alice in the room opposite you.

Thermos 16: Inside the police station, across from the lobby area there’s a room with computers. The thermos is on a coffee table.

Thermos 17: In the police station car park, near the radio as you walk outside.

Thermos 18: At the Elderwood Cabins visitor centre, you can find a thermos behind the desk in the kitchen.

Thermos 19: At the cabin where you and Barry are staying, there’s a thermos on the kitchen counter. Take this before you leave because you can’t grab it when you return.

Thermos 20: Outside the same cabin, there’s a hot tub with a thermos having a good time.

Thermos 21: At the visitor centre again, this time after the Taken have attacked it, approach the courtyard and head into the cabin on the left for a thermos.

Thermos 22: Go behind the building at the visitor centre where you need to turn on the power box and the thermos will be sitting by a tree.

Thermos 23: On the way to Lovers’ Peak, you’ll find a broken phone box that’s sparking. Climb over the fallen fence behind this and the thermos is on a rock.

Thermos 24: After crossing the gap with a log, take a right path and there’s a hanging tree ring swinging away. The thermos is on a table to the left.

Thermos 25: When you reach the Lovers’ Peak lookout with the kidnapper, take a look behind the map just before the heart-shaped entrance. A thermos will be hiding from you there.

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Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Thermos 26: Once you’re out of the area with the bear traps, you’ll come across a generator that creates a safe haven. The next thermos is in a hut behind that generator.

Thermos 27: Before you reach the watermill, run along the cliff to the left and the thermos is on the very edge.

Thermos 28: Inside the mill, after jumping across using the wooden lift, there’s a thermos near the window on a wooden table just before the ladder out.

Thermos 29: When you’re in the trailer park, you can find a picnic table near an emergency box to your right. The thermos is on the table.

Thermos 30: Once you’re in a vehicle, leave the trailer park and immediately turn right and do a 180. Head down that road and the thermos is located at a roadblock.

Thermos 31: At the blocked tunnel after you keep driving for a bit, find the truck with the blinking lights. Head around behind it to the left and the thermos will be on a picnic table.

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