All Data Mined Skins, Back Bling, Gliders and Pickaxes from Season 5

Season 5 is now upon us and there have been a lot of changes – check out the full list of updates here including a new 4 man vehicle.

These all come from before the season has even started – aren’t you a luck load of people!

Meanwhile the data miners have been at it again and have been looking up all the new cosmetic items that will come out early in season 5 and also some that will come out in the season pass. We hope to bring you the season pass soon as well. Check them out below.


I am a particular fan of the viking row boat glider and I hope it will be a part of the battle pass so I won’t have to spend anything extra to get it!

Back Bling

Hands down the bets two in this bunch are the blow up unicorn and the penguin. Just so cute – imagine getting killed by someone using one of those…


Other than the ones that can be found on our other article there are plenty more skins coming up. The Shark skin looks so good!

Battle Pass skins

These skins will be available for you to work towards in the season 5 battle pass.

Pick Axes

Is Kratos joining the game? That axe looks very familiar to me!

Here are the trails that have been leaked as well.

I like the look of the frost one a lot. Any of these tickle your fancy?

Will you be picking up any of these new items or will you be working your way through the battle pass? let us know.