Among Us Mod Shakes Thing Up With Addition Of Sheriff

Innersloth’s Among Us has a bright future ahead, but while you’re waiting for the official game updates you might want to check out this mod. If you’re looking for a new Among Us challenge, this mod introduces a new character into the mix: a sheriff.

among us sheriff mod
Credit: GitHub/Woodi-dev

As spotted by ComicBook, the nifty mod will give one player the role of “Sheriff.” The Sheriff’s one and only job is to track down the Imposters, and if they succeed, they’ll be granted the ability to kill other Crewmates.

If the Sheriff accidentally kills a Crewmate instead of an Imposter, both the Sheriff and the Crewmate will die. Interestingly, everyone can tell who the Sheriff is, meaning Imposters can try and trick them while Crewmates try to help them (visibility of the Sheriff can be set in the lobby game options menu). Sounds intriguing, right?

art for among us
Credit: Innersloth

As you can probably already tell, this mod will definitely add both drama and strategy to your Among Us games. Sheriffs who die leave the Imposters with a decent chance at winning, while correctly guessing the Imposters will give an extra edge to Crewmates.

Developer Woodi-dev notes that, at the moment, players shouldn’t be at risk of a ban by installing the mod.

Image from Among Us
Credit: Innersloth

“The mod is designed in a way, that it does not send prohibited server requests,” says the modder. “You are also able to join your own custom server to be safe.”

It’s also noted that each player in the game will need to have the mod installed in order for it to work.

If this sounds right up your alley you can check out the mod and play it for yourself right here! Will you be making use of this Among Us mod?

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Featured Image Credit: GitHub/Woodi-dev