Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise Will Be The Game’s Only Paid DLC

In an update provided to IGN by Nintendo, the company confirmed that Happy Home Paradise will be Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ only paid DLC.

Happy Home Paradise introduces a new gameplay experience in which the player joins the Paradise Planning team and helps make their client’s dream resort home become a reality… It is a major update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and offers a distinguishing and different gameplay experience. Therefore, it made sense to include it as the first and only paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” a spokesperson from Nintendo told IGN.

The recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons direct received mixed reactions from fans. Many were happy the game was receiving updates at all. There were numerous features and items added to the game that were big requests, including customisable fencing, and the legendary froggy chair. But some fans were disappointed to find out the free update would be the last one. Happy Home Paradise being AC:NH’s only paid DLC might also be a disappointment to some.

Credit: Nintendo

live service paradise

It’s completely understandable that another update for the game took so long to come out. AC:NH’s first year was full of updates, but the upcoming 2.0 will be this year’s first and only major update. We’re still in the midst of a pandemic. With a paid DLC on top of the massive free update, it only makes sense it would take so long. The team should be free to take as much time as they need.

It is still surprising Nintendo seem to have no more major updates planned. The Animal Crossing team also made Splatoon, which received regular updates for years. Whether Animal Crossing should be a live service game or not is a reasonable question. But it is surprising Nintendo don’t seem to want to do so when it might encourage a larger player base. It ultimately doesn’t matter, as AC:NH has proven hugely popular, and Happy Home Paradise being the game’s only paid DLC likely won’t matter.

Are you excited for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise?

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo