Animal Crossing’s Froggy Chair Is Now Real And We Can’t Stop Thinking About It

Nintendo may have left Froggy Chair out of its latest Animal Crossing game, but the amphibious piece of furniture is still a fan favourite. Yet, for whatever reason, real-life Froggy Chairs still aren’t readily available to purchase. However, thanks to a talented Animal Crossing fan, we now have a good idea of what a real Froggy Chair would actually look like.

Animal Crossing Froggy Chair
Credit: Nintendo

That’s right, Reddit user Pr0ksee has created a realistic 3D render of the iconic Animal Crossing chair, and it looks almost like a photograph. In fact, the 3D image looks like it could be an actual product you’d find in a kids nursery. Although let’s be honest, we’d buy this as fully grown adults.

It’s worth noting that someone is probably selling a DIY Froggy Chair somewhere out in the wild web scape. Nevertheless, I’d be surprised if it looks as impressive as Pr0ksee’s 3D model. The fact the creator made the model in Blender also means that, in theory, it could probably be 3D printed. While the printed version would likely lack this model’s seemingly glossy plastic, perhaps a talented maker could make it all happen.

Real-life simulations aside, will Froggy Chair even make a return to Nintendo’s mainline Animal Crossing game? Well, New Horizons has been criticised for its lack of content. However, new content is apparently in the works, so perhaps the iconic chair’s return is imminent. Regardless of whether Froggy returns to Animal Crossing or not, at least fans are keeping this adorable amphibian alive.

Froggy Chair Blender
Credit: Pr0ksee

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/Pr0ksee