Animal Crossing’s Isabelle Has Been Modded Into Resident Evil 3

2019 saw the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake, and with it came fan-created mods which introduced Thomas the Tank Engine, Untitled Goose Game’s horrible goose and a lot of nudity (thanks for that, internet). Now that Capcom has officially launched the Resident Evil 3 remake, you can bet your last bullet that those crazy and creative modders have been at it again.

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With RE 3 having only just released, there’s not too many mods out there right now, but one that caught our eye was the horrendously terrifying creation from NexusMods pro modder,  Crazy Potato.

 Crazy Potato has decided to burn our eyeballs and fry our brains with a terrifying mod that replaces the character of Jill Valentine with…Animal Crossing’s Isabelle. As you can see in the picture below, our hero Jill is now some sort of…Animal sandwich.

Credit: Nintendo/Capcom/NexusMods

The head of everyone’s favourite mild-mannered yellow poodle has been stuck onto Jill’s body via the mod, and the results are as hilarious as they are horrifying.

Known as the “Isabelle Mask,” the creator writes simply of the mod: “Jill is a fan…Replaces Jill’s head with an Isabelle Mask from AC.”

Credit: Nintendo/Capcom/NexusMods

At the time of writing, the mod is only available for the demo of Resident Evil 3, though Crazy Potato promises they’re working on a full version now the game has launched.

You can download it and try it out for yourself over on NexusMods right here.

Credit: Nintendo/Capcom/NexusMods

If you haven’t yet played Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 remake, you can check out our review right here. We said of the game: “Resident Evil 3 continues on from the high standards set by Capcom going back to the brilliant Resident Evil remake from 2002 on the Nintendo GameCube. 18 years on, Capcom are still pulling it out the body bag with the quality you’d expect. In terms of its campaign, you have everything you’d ever want from a remake. It’s new but familiar and modernises a classic survival horror game to not only veteran fans of the series, but new fans too.”

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/Capcom/NexusMods