Animated Super Mario Bros. Movie Releasing In 2022

Nintendo has offered an update on the upcoming new Super Mario Bros. movie, confirming it’s still on track for a 2022 release.

In a statement, the company confirmed the following: “The motion picture project that we are developing in partnership with Illumination, is one of the bigger examples of such projects that we are undertaking. As we have shared previously, production is moving along smoothly aiming for a theatrical release in 2022.”

Credit: Nintendo

Not too much is known about the movie so far, but we do know it’s going to be animated in 3D, and will be brought to the big screen in partnership with Universal Pictures.

Most exciting of all is that fact that Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is signed up to the project as producer, so there’s minimal chance it’s going to be as terrible as the last Super Mario Bros. movie we got.

Credit: Universal

It’s shaping up to be a great few years for Mario fans, as the Super Nintendo World theme park is set to open its mushroom-shaped doors in Japan later this year.

Thierry Coup, the chief creative officer of Universal Creative, described Super Nintendo World as “a life-size, living video game.” Although there’s not much information on the rides, we’re assured there’s a Mario Kart track on the way — finally!

Credit: Nintendo

Although the karts won’t be able to glide and hover over dangerous ravines or launch giant spiked shells at opponents, the vehicles seem to run on a trackless system. They appear to hold four riders, so not everyone will have a chance to drive. We’re not sure how weapons work, but it’s easy to imagine a system where you fire virtual shells at each other and cause enemy karts to spin out of control/stall.

Credit: Nintendo

After being rolled out in Japan, Nintendo expansions will also be added to Singapore and US locations Hollywood, California, and Orlando. As Disney grabs everyone’s attention with the cosmic-themed Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Super Nintendo World could give that galaxy far, far away a run for its money.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo