Anthem Is Getting A Full Multiplayer Demo And It’s Coming Soon 

The exciting and ambitious new project from BioWare, Anthem, has been on the radar for a while now, but it looks like we’re finally getting some new information on its upcoming title.

Anthem was originally planned to have a late 2018 release date but that’s now been pushed back. It’s not been moved too far though, as the game beta will be a pre-release demo, set to start 1st February 2019. 

The full game will be released 22nd February 2019. 

To get involved in the demo you’ll need to be an EA Access or an Origin Access member, or you’ll have to have pre-ordered the game. The demo will run for a limited time before it will be shut down. 

The official EA Blog confirms: “One important note: if your Origin Access or EA Access membership is not active at the time of the demo, you won’t be able to play the demo. So make sure your membership is current when we get close to the start of the demo… 

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Read the blog post in full right here. 

Anthem is going to be one of the best games of 2019 if its trailer is anything to go by, and BioWare has a history of making some of the greatest gaming experiences of all time. 

Although it’s not yet known how similar Anthem might be to previous titles from the group, including Mass Effect and Dragon Age, it’s safe to bet your money on this being an unforgettable title. 

Will this be on your wish list for 2019?

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