PewDiePie Will No Longer Have The Most-Subscribed YouTube Channel

PewDiePie is one of the most controversial YouTube stars, but he’s also arguably the very first YouTube star, turning the videoing platform into a lucrative venture for hundreds more YT celebrities.

He may have the most subscribers of any channel out there having just hit the 66 million mark, but there’s a very surprising contender who’s set to overthrow the king of YouTube.

Who dares challenge Pewds you ask?

Well it’s not who you’d think…it’s actually T-Series, an Indian-based channel that posts Bollywood music videos daily.

Although you might not be familiar with the channel, it currently stands at close to 62 million subscribers and holds the title for the most-subscribed Asian YouTube channel and the most-subscribed non-English channel.

It’s an interesting development as PewDiePie’s success has often been put down to the fact that he appeals to the Swedish, Italian, American and British audiences.

YouTube video

In a 2013 expose on his success by The Game Theorists, MatPat speculated on the idea that Pewds could hit so many worldwide demographics thanks to his heritage, fiancé, place of residence and more – making him a prime candidate for a fanbase in the multi-millions.

Guess that’s no longer just a theory, MatPat – it’s a debunked theory – or so says Pewds himself in one of his most recent videos.

According to stats on SocialBlade, it’s likely that PewDiePie will be out-subbed by T-Series within the next month or so. After holding onto his crown for nearly half a decade, taking us all the way from Amnesia to Meme Review, it seems like it might finally be time for Felix to move onto greener pastures.

Clearly though, with enough followers to populate a decent-sized country, PDP is doing something right…even if (in his own words) his channel mostly caters to nine year olds… 

PewDiePie has strayed from his Let’s Play days, instead opting for things like Pew News, and although fans do miss his constant uploading of gameplay, no-one seems to miss the Sponsorship Eagle. 

His r/PewDiePieSubmissions Reddit page is always filled to the brim with fans hoping to give him some ‘original content’ for his channel.

Love him or hate him, Pewds isn’t going anywhere, even if he might be handing over his title.