Anthem Players’ Boredom Has Led To Fancy Dress Contests

BioWare’s Anthem didn’t exactly turn out to the be the game we were all hoping for, but as the disappointed masses have moved on to other games, Anthem‘s been left with a dedicated hardcore player base.

Unfortunately for BioWare, even its most devoted fans seem to be losing hope in the title, as they’ve taken to holding fancy dress contests to stave off boredom.

Anthem players have been patiently waiting for a new update for the game, and its Reddit page has slowly begun to flood with people sharing snaps of their in-game characters cosplaying as other in-game characters [via Kotaku].

Check out this insanely-popular and very snazzy Charizard for example. Created by user BrotatoChipz, this Charizard has seen over six thousand upvotes in just a day.

Credit: Pokemon Company/BioWare/BrotatoChipz

BrotatoChipz commented on the influx of costume designing on the thread, saying: “There’s a lot of bad creations out there that people are posting and I’m scratching my head how they get upvoted. But I’m happy people like this [Charizard]. I hope it inspires people to be more creative with their Javelins while we wait for the upcoming content lol”

We’ve also seen a pretty cool Blastoise cosplay but the competition doesn’t end with Pokemon…

Credit: Pokemon Company/BioWare/dfisher636

Characters from movies, TV series, comic books and all general geeky fandoms have surfaced on Reddit.

Check out Magneto, courtesy of TheRayeBonez.

Credit: Marvel/BioWareTheRayeBonez

Or why not take a peek at this terrifying Green Goblin created by user Reeseer.

Credit: Marvel/BioWare/Reeseer

There’s even more to be seen over on Reddit. Which do you think deserves the top stop as most creative invention?

Maybe EA and BioWare should consider just turning Anthem into a cosplaying game…it looks like it might be a little more fun!

Featured Image Credit: EA/BioWare

Source: Kotaku