The Division 2 Censors The Word ‘Assault’ Due To First Three Letters

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a butt-load of fun, but Ubisoft seems to be taking its censorship very, very seriously according to this list of censored words.

Credit: Ubisoft

Over on Reddit, a user by the name of Maisie_feet_fan explained to fellow gamers: “[I] can’t rename my ‘Dark Zone Assault’ loadout, ‘Assault’ because it has the word *ss in it.

“Lmfao, what have we become?!”

Players aren’t thrilled with the censorship in the M-rated game. A considerable amount of the dialogue of NPCs contains some pretty severe four-letter words, and yet players can’t say things like “ball hair.” Apparently.

The thread quickly escalated into gamers telling their own sad stories of censorship in the Ubisoft title, and it’s truly harrowing.

Credit: Ubisoft

“‘Butt’ is on the list too so it looks like it’s time to enjoy some behindault loadouts,” joked one player.

“We have NPCs literally yelling ‘F*CK YOUUUU’ at the top of their lungs and we can’t say ‘fart,'” complained another.

There’s a pretty comprehensive list of words that are currently banned or censored within The Division 2, and you can check it out here. Note: it’s NSFW, of course.

Hopefully it’s something that Ubisoft will reconsider, as Capcom did with its recently-released Devil May Cry 5.

Credit: Capcom

The title received little criticism when it launched, but one thing players really didn’t appreciate was the censoring of Trish’s butt.

Keeping it as spoiler-free as possible here, at one point in the game Dante scoops up a naked Trish following an epic battle but her rear end is artistically covered with a light spot. Unfortunately, this censoring was only present in the Western versions of the game, whereas Japan never bothered to conceal the bum.

Thankfully, this censorship was later removed in the US.

What’s your opinion on censorship in M-rated games?

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft