Apex Legends Data Miner Uncovers Even More Potential Characters

Apex Legends is the game everyone’s playing right now, and there’s still so much to be added into the recently-released battle royale game.

The free-to-play title from Respawn Entertainment is expecting to see its first battle pass release and the start of Seasons in the coming weeks, but data miners have uncovered some even more exciting things.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

A Twitter user/Apex data miner named @shrugtal has discovered some VERY interesting things in the game files, including some snippets that look like actual in-game assets.

First up, Shrugtal shared an image of “all the upcoming Legend icons.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

We then got treated to an image of a character who appears in Apex‘s concept art, but was strangely missing from the roster of Legends. From the sounds of things, he might be entering play soon as Shrugtal claims to have found an in-game icon for the mysterious newcomer.

Even more character art was discovered by Shrugtal, which you can see below.

Even a few new weapons – including what could be the Tesla Trap we’ve been hearing about – have cropped up.

The Tesla Trap was uncovered in the files some time ago, alongside two character names: Octane and Wattson. Shrugtal’s finds give more strength to the news, as it looks like we’ve got our first character assets!

Check out this series of comparisons from Redditor FrozenFroh [via Unilad].

Credit: Reddit/FrozenFroh

There’s no news on when we can expect to see any of these new characters enter Apex Legends, but it looks like it might be sooner rather than later!

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment