BioShock creator’s new game definitely releasing by 2025, publisher says

Judas, the upcoming FPS by BioShock creator Ken Levine, is set to be released before March 2025, according to Take-Two Interactive. 

This news comes after the recent Take-Two Interactive earnings report was released. It showed fewer than ideal sales recorded during the holiday season. As a result, the publisher has had to adjust its full-year projection downward.

According to CEO Strauss Zelnick, the reasons for this lie with the customers. Apparently the search for discounts on standard games vs the amount spent on blockbuster titles are hurting their titles. Hence the reason games such as Marvel’s Midnight Suns did not do as well.

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The recent news

Despite these setbacks, Zelnick is still feeling optimistic about the future. The future which will hopefully see the release of the much-anticipated Judas. Since its trailer which was released during the Game Awards in December, the hype surrounding this game has been high. Now it seems like we only have a ‘few’ years to wait. 

In an interview with IGN, Zelnick was asked if Judas would be part of the 87 games that Take-Two plan to release within the next few years. His answer to this was a simple “yes”. He also acknowledged that delays are always a possibility but is still feeling optimistic about this time frame. 

“I feel great about our upcoming schedule,” Zelnick commented. “Of course there’s always the possibility of some slippage but the teams seem to be functioning really well and I’m optimistic about delivering great titles to the marketplace on an ongoing basis.”

Credit: IGN

What to expect from Judas 

Judas became a highlight of the recent Game Awards and for good reason. With strong BioShock-vibes, this FPS appears to be set on a spaceship filled with a cast of interesting looking robots. You will play as a female protagonist with the ability to manipulate abilities with the use of a high-tech glove. This game is set to be perfect for fans of the BioShock series and the FPS genre in general. Hopefully we will continue to get information in the near future.

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