Apex Legends Has Banned Over 350 Thousand Cheaters On PC Alone

Respawn Entertainment has made no secret of working to give the players want they want in Apex Legends, and what the players definitely don’t want is cheaters.

Cheating is something that the Apex devs are working hard to crack down on, and in a recent Reddit post, the team went into more detail about how it plans to curb cheating in the game.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

On the r/apexlegends subreddit, Apex community manager Jayfresh_Respawn writes: “As of today we’ve banned over 355K players on PC through Easy-Anti-Cheat. The service works but the fight against cheaters is an ongoing war that we’ll need to continue to adapt to and be very vigilant about fighting. We take cheating very seriously and care deeply about the health of Apex Legends for all players.

“We are working on improvements to combat cheaters and we’re going to have to be pretty secretive about our plans. Cheaters are crafty and we don’t want them to see us coming. With that said, we can share some high levels things we’re doing:

“We are reaching out and working directly with experts, both within and outside of EA, in this area that we can learn from.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

“Scaling up our anti-cheat team so we have more dedicated resources.

“We are adding a report feature on PC to report cheaters in game that goes directly to Easy-Anti-Cheat.”

As for the reconnect-to-match feature, players have been asking for, it’s not something that Respawn wants to pursue as it “opens a lot of risk for players to abuse it” and the team “believe the resources needed to build, test, and release it are better spent focused on fixing stability issues so that the feature isn’t necessary.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

With Seasons coming to the game soon, along with new characters, weapons and a battle pass, it sounds like Respawn has enough on its plate right now!

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment