Fortnite’s Year-Long Run As Twitch’s Most-Watched Game Ruined By Apex Legends

For nearly 12 whole months Fortnite had dominated Twitch, with hundreds of thousands of people tuning in to make Fortnite the most-watched game month after month after month.

Credit: Twitch

Fortnite was just one month shy of hitting the achievement of being the most-watched Twitch game for a whole year, but sadly it’s been knocked off the most-watched spot by none other than Apex Legends.

The stats have been confirmed by GitHyp, which shows that Apex averaged more viewers and a higher peak viewer number across the month of February than the Epic Games title (and every other game out there).

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The figures show that Apex Legends peaked at more than 670,000 Twitch viewers in February, against Fortnite‘s 615,000.

The two games have been going head-to-head since Apex launched last month, with people taking sides over which they think is better.

Although the gaming community seems to be leaning in favour of Apex right now, it’ll be interesting to see how things develop. Fortnite‘s Season Eight has just begun and it’s getting a lot of love for its zany ideas and additions. Apex is still waiting for its first Season, and the inclusion of additions like a battle pass.

Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games has recently introduced a few game mechanics that have been loved in Apex, including a pinging system and the rumoured respawn points.

Have you been playing Fortnite, or have you moved over to Team Apex?

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games