Apex Legends Players Uncover Huge Flaw With Characters’ Hitboxes

Apex Legends may be a massively impressive game, but it’s definitely not flawless. One issue in particular has become something of an annoyance to players over on Reddit, where the r/apexlegends subreddit is blowing up with complaints about the character models.

A user named RYTEDR has brought attention to an issue in a post entitled: “All legends having the same HP but vastly differing hitboxes is a serious balance concern.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

In the post, the user writes: “I feel hitbox advantage is a very strong aspect in this game. With scaling damage areas, for example, Wraith can be incredibly hard to pin down when she’s on the move because of her Naruto run + small hitbox means that you’ll most likely either be doing limb damage, or just not hitting her at all.

“The defensive characters, on the other hand, are large, unwieldy, and have sluggish animations making them easy to track. If you ever play as these legends you notice just how incredibly quick you melt if you are caught out for even a second, even if you are actively attempting to avoid damage. This feels counter-intuitive as it feels like the proper game design would be that these characters should play and feel the most survivable, but that is the complete opposite in the current game.”

It’s an interesting point, and with over three thousand upvotes, Apex players on Reddit seem to agree.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

One commenter responded saying: “Something tells me his headshot hitbox is massive because i’ve regularly been 2-3 shot with Purple armour and a helmet through my shield by things like Peacekeeper. All i know is that shield does f*ck all a lot of the time, i’ve been playing basically nothing but Gibraltar all the way to 100.

“It sucks you can’t change characters in training or set up characters to see in training because then we’d know for sure.”

Maybe rebalancing the game is something Respawn is planning in the future…?

Credit: Respawn Entertainment


Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment