Fortnite’s New Season Update Adds A Ping System

Epic Games has just released the latest patch notes for Fortnite, and there’s lots of things to get excited about.

Credit: Epic Games

The patch notes, which you can read in full here, introduce something that players are pretty excited about – a new ping system, which you can check out in action below.

The notes state: ” – World Markers are now visible in the world when placed close to you.

” – Double-clicking the World Marker hotkey will place a “danger” version of that marker. World Markers placed while aiming with a weapon will also place the danger version.

” – Added 2D UI indicators to the World Markers, making them easier to see through objects.

” – World Markers now have an off-screen indicator and display the distance your character is from them.

” -Placing a World Marker on an item will display that item’s icon and rarity.”

Credit: Epic Games

As for the rest of the patch, we can expect new items including the pirate cannon (which will allow you to shoot both cannonballs and launch yourself into the air), new locations including Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon, Party Assist and an extra hour’s also been added onto the Infinite Dab in the lobby. Hooray.

Credit: Epic Games

The ping system is possibly the most exciting feature that’s been added into Fortnite in a while, and Twitter has a lot of thoughts, with lots of people wondering if Apex Legends is the inspiration behind the addition.

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Featured Image Credit: Epic Games