Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon Release Date & Trailer

Today saw the first gameplay trailer and release date announced for the highly-anticipated Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon.

From the creators of Elden Ring, FromSoftware are releasing this mech-focused action game later this year. This is the first new release for the Armored Core franchise which hasn’t received an instalment since 2012. Now a year since the game was first announced during the Game Awards, we finally have a release date.

Armored Core VI Release Date & Trailer 

Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon is set for release on August 25 of this year. This was announced earlier today via a PlayStation blog post. It reads:

“The series has been cherished in the eyes of fans since, garnering multiple spin-offs and sequels over the years. Now, 25 years after players first built their custom Cores and 10 years after the last entry, Armored Core returns August 25–and it’s packing plenty of heat.”

This announcement also came with an accompanying gameplay trailer showing three minutes of the third-person mecha-based action. We see fast-paced action including firefights, a whole lot of missiles and of course, the mechs. 

“Think giant, heavily equipped robots with the ability to zip around across ground and air, reacting at lightning-fast speeds to attacks and threats while trying to one-up dangerous foes with even more firepower at their disposal,” the blog post continues.

Screenshot taken from the
Credit: PlayStation

What can we expect from the game?

Armored Core VI allows you to play as an augmented mercenary capable of piloting a huge mech suit. Although this is a different style of gameplay from FromSoftware’s other titles, it is still promised to be equally epic. 

The story takes place on the ruined planet of Rubicon which has been overtaken by a powerful energy source. Now futuristic megacorps have taken over and this is where your fight begins. 

“It’s an intricate and multi-layered world, brimming with mega-structures and enormous underground facilities built by its former inhabitants. These structures cover a planetary surface wracked with extreme cold and contamination in the aftermath of the great disaster, and the player will be exploring these various environments as they proceed,” says game director Masaru Yamamura. 

Screenshot taken from the Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon gameplay trailer
Credit: PlayStation

The title will also feature epic combat abilities, challenging bosses and endless levels of customization for your mech. Not only that but the Arena mode is also back allowing players to fight against other customised mechs. 

You can learn more over on the PlayStation blog post.

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