Steam Has Received A New In-Game Overlay

An upcoming Steam update is set to add an overlay option that will allow you to pin notes, guides and web pages over your game. 

Currently available for testing on the Steam Client Beta branch, this update is set to drastically improve quality of life for PC gamers. With the options to add notes, game guides and general web pages over your game, it is set to make gaming experiences a lot more accessible. 

Steam Has Received A New In-Game Overlay 

The new overlay adds a toolbar that gives you the option to toggle which windows you want to appear. Additionally, you will have access to customisation that allows you to select default windows which can also be saved for each game. 

The update will also get a ‘Game overview’ window which will show your stats (including playtime and achievements) and quick access to your screenshot library. Not only that but you can also view the top news surrounding that game including helpful guides.

Pin Away

For the note takers amongst you, the ability to pin windows will allow you to keep helpful notes over your game and they will also be synched via the Steam Cloud. 

You can also have quick access to windows that you can pin and keep pinned even when you close the overlay and go back to the game. If you’re worried that the overlay will be too obtrusive, you will also be able to adjust the size and opacity. 

Overall, this is set to be an exciting new update, especially for those who rely on tabbing in and out if they have one monitor. With the ability to pin web-pages, you may even be able to watch your favourite show as you explore the newest game release. The options will be endless.

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