Asmongold Announces He Is Quitting Diablo 4 After Season 1 Update

Popular streamer Asmongold has announced he is “done” with Diablo 4 just days after the game’s season one launch. Here’s what we know.

Youtuber and streamer Asmongold has vowed he is quitting Diablo 4 after claiming the game’s recent update is too difficult and therefore no longer fun to play. This comes after Season 1 went live on July 20.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Is Not Looking Good

This perhaps comes as no surprise considering the live-service RPG was met with review bombs after the release of its first season.

As a result, it currently sits at a 2.2 user score on Metacritic. Players are unhappy with the unrewarding system, constant nerfs to builds and enemies becoming too overpowered. 

For Asmongold, he has experienced some of these changes first hand, leading to him announcing he is “done”. 

Asmongold Quits 

In a recent Youtube clip, the streamer found himself coming up against a boss which somehow managed to kill him instantly four times in a row. After the fourth defeat, he quit and claimed the game had bad mechanics and was no longer fun to play. 

Despite some of his viewers claiming he was a “quitter,” he stuck to his guns and asked why he would continue playing a game that “sucks.” 

YouTube video

“The mechanics are dog****. It’s crap… You want me to sit there and get mad playing a game that’s like frustrating and and not fun?… I’m not playing, I’m done,” he says.

He also went on to mention Diablo 4’s $70 price tag which has been a heavily debated topic since the game first launched in June. 

It seems like Asmongold is not the only player to be boycotting the game’s newest season. However, with a large fanbase, it could still lead to a massive blow to Blizzard’s playerbase. 

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