This Assassin’s Creed Game is About to Disappear Forever

As part of Final Fantasy’s latest game they dedicated an event to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Rather surprisingly people actually loved the event and many are sad to see it go. The event itself was never actually meant to be a permanent feature in the game but people loved the homage to the much loved gaming franchise and many want it to stay.

The announcement that this event was going to be added to Final Fantasy XV was met with muted applause. Fans of the Franchise who also played Final Fantasy were obviously excited but a large amount of the FF XV community were not interested in taking part in it. However when the event was rolled out everyone seemed to enjoy the slightly off the wall addition to the game.

The Assassin’s Festival is a full expansion to FFXV, which is practically an extra chapter that fits in after the seventh chapter of the story. People at first were sceptical because it was seen as just another marketing ploy to get players interested in the then upcoming Assassin’s Creed Origins. During the festival you got to dress up and run around as the main character from the latest addition to the Assassin’s Creed Franchise, Bayek. However many people have compared it more to a throwback to the original two Assassin’s Creed games rather than Origins.

You can do all the moves and assassinations you would expect from a proper Assassins Creed game but all within the world of Final Fantasy XV. Including the now infamous ‘hay cart dive from a tall tower’. Lets face it. It wouldn’t be a proper Assassin’s Creed tribute if it didn’t feature at least one hay cart jumping into moment.

The Event will come to a close in March of this year and if you wish to have a play with it then you will have to grab yourself a copy of Final Fantasy XV and get cracking. Final Fantasy XV is also a great game to get into but be careful it might just consume the rest of your free time!