Where Should The Next Assassin’s Creed Take Place?

Ubisoft has taken players on many a world expedition with the Assassin’s Creed series. The games have featured various exotic locations and time periods of cultural significance, offering unique experiences every time. As always, this then begs the ultimate question when it comes to Assassin’s Creed sequels: where should the next adventure take players?

valhalla boat
Credit: Ubisoft

While every player is sure to have their own preferences, various rumours have hinted at where and when we’ll be headed to next.

Rumours of the next Assassin’s Creed having a Chinese or Japanese setting surfaced in 2020 thanks to some concept art. These same rumours then surfaced again in January this year thanks to French YouTuber x0nathan.

The content creator claimed that the next Assassin’s Creed will not only release in 2022, but also that it will be set in ancient China.

ac notre dame
Credit: Ubisoft

In contrast to these rumours, fans on Reddit have expressed their hopes for an Assassin’s Creed game set during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Reddit user Acrobatic-Plastic-56 made the following argument in regards to the future of Assassins Creed:

“I feel like it’s a no brainer and shocked it hasn’t been done before. Aztec cities were far larger than anything in the old world at the time. Just Google Aztec city and look at the parkour opportunities.

ac origins
Credit: Ubisoft

Plus the Aztec chiefs, warring smaller tribes and villages, Spanish conquistadors and monks present lots of opportunists for assassination targets. Maybe you play as a outcast monk, or a mixed-child of Spanish/Indian parents. You fight both sides.

The Redditor continues: “Aztec weapons would be amazing. The macuahuitl, basically an obsidian-edged cricket bat, was said to decapitate a horse in one blow. The atlatl was an ingeniously-simple spear-throwing device. Plus earlier Spanish gun powder weapons and steel.

The user even goes on to suggest the use of both Spanish and Aztec armour, as well as being able to “use the rainforest as a weapon, like Apocalypto. Craft wooden spike traps. Throw bee hives or use poison dart frog venom on your enemies.

This argument is pretty compelling and sounds like it’d make for a great setting. That’s not the only option fans are gunning for though. As one Redditor said on the thread, there are lots of places the series can go in order to better explore its own lore.

“They should def do Africa cuz Africa = Eden ? Cough Mnt Kilimanjaro from the AC2 Truth vid* cough*” wrote 4ncient4liens4Life.

Another popular fan theory (and request) is an AC game set during the 100 Years’ War.

AC odyssey
Credit: Ubisoft

“I agree with a few other threads that we’re going to see something during the 100 Years’ War. Valhalla was my first AC game and now I’m playing Origins and LOVE the Egypt setting,” wrote Redditor samanthahoney. “Love Cleopatra. Love Bayek. I’ll admit I loved Valhalla because of the European architecture and whatever else but I love exploring Egypt and lands I don’t really know.”

Personally, I want to see an Assassin’s Creed game set in modern-day Scotland (It’s a scary place, even for an Assassin). 

Where do you think the Assassin’s Creed story should take us next?

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